Nick Demopoulos
Private Wealth Advisor

I started my career at Price Waterhouse as a CPA before earning an MBA from the University of Chicago. I then worked at top international investment banks such as Banco do Brasil, UBS and Merrill Lynch in Europe, Latin America, China and Japan. I was responsible for sales, trading, and investment ideas for asset managers as well as hedge, sovereign wealth, and pension funds.

I have always wanted to use my investment skills and knowledge to make a difference in peoples’ lives by helping secure their financial future. I believe those that have accumulated wealth deserve to preserve it.

I am a former CPA and current Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Areas of expertise

International Expatriate Issues

Tax treaties, such as those between the US and UK, can cause issues for the expat community in estate planning, insurance, and pensions. I can generate solutions for high net-worth international families directly or by partnership with their tax and legal advisors.

Community Focus

I’m fortunate to be a trusted advisor to many throughout the Greek American and Brazilian communities.

Investment Expertise

I have strong international and US equity and bond market experience.

Questions I often hear:

Because I am working overseas, my US investment account was shut down. Can your firm help me?

Yes, I can advise on the various country of residence rules regarding opening a US brokerage account.

I am working overseas and am not sure how to invest while maintaining compliance with my working country rules and the US?

These situations are complex and vary according to your country of residence and the tax treaty or lack thereof with the US. I can point you to appropriate tax advisors for several of these situations.

I am not happy with my current advisor. How are you different?

EMBREE FINANCIAL was founded to provide independent, flexible, advice and products to clients, unlike large banking firms where I spent time in the past. We bring in resources from outside the firm to craft solutions personal to each client’s needs on an active and ongoing basis.

I am a firm believer that ‘optimism is the only realism.'”

– Nick Demopoulos