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Get help navigating life’s many financial decisions.

You’re confronted with a wide array of complex issues that require decisions on a daily basis. Let EMBREE be your guide with respect to financial matters related to your career or business. Having a high-quality team of advisors to provide you is a hugely important decision. That’s exactly why we’re here for you.

EMBREE partners with your outside team members. Whether it’s an attorney, tax advisor, or accountant, we take the work off your plate and provide them with what they need to simplify your life. For example, we consult on all of the following unique situations: stock options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Deferred Compensation, Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), estate planning and so many more. Our team of experts provide a lot of guidance on executive benefits packages. After all, they grow more complex each year, but we can help you maximize them as part of your overall financial goals and plan.

Common situations we can help with

Executive benefits

Benefit packages can be incredibly complex, and their value can change over time. We can guide you on maximizing them and integrating them into your overall financial plan.

Financial simplification

Like many individuals and couples, you may want help consolidating accounts and simplifying your investment portfolio but aren’t sure how to evaluate everything.

Investment selection

Finding and evaluating investment opportunities by yourself can take vast amounts of time. That’s why we have a dedicated team constantly re-evaluating the possibilities.

Investment monitoring

You have lots of things to do besides track everything in your portfolio every day. That’s why we’re here. We monitor your investments to keep you on track to your goals.

Tax management

Putting together a plan to mitigate taxation requires specialized expertise.

Estate structure and proper titling

Properly planning your estate is more important than ever now that we live longer and family and business structures are more complex and dynamic.

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Common questions

What is financial planning?

The process of creating tailored strategies to help a client create, pursue, and achieve their financial goals.

What is the primary benefit of financial planning?

The process of financial planning often creates greater understanding of a client’s holistic financial picture — directly resulting in greater peace of mind. Many clients share that creating a blueprint helps them feel more confident in their financial choices and are more assured about their path to achieving their financial goals.

How does the client/advisor relationship work during the planning process?

We work with you step by step throughout the entire process. We will get together frequently to discuss all of your options and our recommendations. Once the plan is activated, we continue to track the plan and make adjustments if needed. Our goal is to achieve a long-term trusting relationship with clients.

How risky am I as an investor?

Each client is different. That is why we spend significant time truly understanding your goals, timeframes, and full range of assets before making recommendations based on your comfort level with the market and various levels of risk.

Why do you focus so much planning on company benefits?

Company benefits can provide tremendous value. However, there are so many types that their long-term impact may not be clear. Part of our job is to make sure you understand the benefits you’re being offered, so you can make more informed decisions about using those benefits in the best possible way.

Guidance for growing your wealth.

Call him guide, navigator, or advisor. But definitely call him. Michael Peart will be glad to answer any questions you may have on your journey to secure your financial future.