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Divorcing individuals Protect yourself and your financial future.

Put a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst on your team.

Your expectations for the divorce process probably include lawyers and emotional disarray. But do you know the long-term value of hiring a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst? That decision can positively influence your financial future long after the divorce settlement is signed — even the rest of your life.

You may already be feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to turn. One of our financial advisors with a divorce specialization is a great place to start. We can even talk through the pros and cons of the handful of options for the divorce process itself. And when you start receiving draft settlements to review, we’ll be your financial advocate. We’ll run projections and help you understand the long-term implications of the settlement before you agree to it.

Common pre-divorce situations we help with

No financial advisor

If your spouse was the primary link to your family’s financial advisor, you’ll need someone to trust and guide your financial decisions appropriately

Lack of knowledge

The process can be complicated — more so for the financial aspects. Even determining what marital and non-marital assets are requires experience.

Short-term thinking

Your emotions in a divorce and the desire to quickly move on can lead to decisions that don’t account for the much longer-term impacts of those decisions

Hidden assets

In your divorce process, you want someone digging to uncover all financial assets in existence — and helping you understand their relevance and potential

Common post-divorce situations we help with

Collecting assets

After your divorce is settled, you’re likely still going to need help to collect your rightful assets from your ex or the custodian in a timely manner

Planning for the future

Putting together a plan to rebuild your wealth or to invest your new assets requires expertise so your full wealth potential isn’t squandered

Common financial questions during the divorce process

Is this a good deal?

Helping you answer that question is the primary reason my role exists. I’m here to provide guidance and education around the process and the potential outcomes so you’ll get to a financial place that meets your objectives.

Can I keep the house?

The financial aspects of this decision can vary greatly. Just know that sometimes the best course of action is to not stay in the home because of high ongoing maintenance expenses.

How will I be financially secure once the divorce is final?

Throughout the process and based on the drafts of the marital settlement, I’ll provide illustrations so you’ll have a clear idea of where you’ll be financially.


Should I get an attorney?

An attorney can be very helpful navigating the many legal aspects of divorce. However, know that there are multiple ways to approach the divorce process.

Where do I get a QDRO?

Your attorney or outside provider will draft a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). I’ll review it on your behalf before it is submitted. The reason? QDROs can be rejected multiple times and for countless reasons — all of which result in delays in getting your assets.

Do you review my marital settlement before I sign off on it?

As your financial advisor throughout the process, I will review and mark it up with any edits and recommendations. It’s important there are zero errors, as even small ones such as incorrect account numbers can delay or even block you from getting your assets.

Our divorce expert.
Your financial advocate.

Jennifer Clifford is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner. She’ll be glad to answer other questions you may have, and she’ll be in your corner working to secure your financial future.