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Chicago-based financial planning and investment management firm serving clients nationwide

Client centric.
Integrity, experience, dedication

Client Perspective

Service Culture

EMBREE FINANCIAL Group uses a client-centric approach to meet and exceed expectations for every client. EFG designs and customize each client’s plan based on their individual circumstances. Our proactive approach gives clients confidences in their financial track. We attend to needs as they arise crafting a solution that is tailored to each client’s unique state of affairs.

We deliver better solutions and service.

Client Perspective


EMBREE FINANCIAL Group is an independent advisory firm. The firm is not captive to any one provider or program. We identify and select the best providers, platforms and investment choices available in the marketplace for each and every client.

  • Benefit: Clients feel comfortable knowing they have a team acting as a steward and advocate.


Our colleagues hail from industry leaders, some of the biggest names on Wall Street. One hundred percent of our resources are devoted to investment and consulting clients.

  • Benefit: Clients feel the confidence that comes from clarity and preparedness for today and the future.


We are committed to providing proactive, superior service. End‐to‐end accountability is a key to enduring relationships.

  • Benefit: Clients experience the assurance that comes from a long-term working relationship built on understanding.

Starting early can pay off later.

Andrew Farinelli likes to work with successful, ambitious professionals still in the first half of a career. He can help you navigate the vast possibilities as you progress through the many stages of life.