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401(k) sponsors and participants Serving your company, employees, and future.

Complete resources and service for your retirement plan

You want to do right by your employees, but you keep hearing about unresponsive service, unreturned calls, and the never-ending administrative burden. We want to be a reliable resource for your employees — and you.

Common situations we help plan sponsors with

  • Setting up 401(k) plans
  • Confirming plan compliance
  • Selecting a Recordkeeper
  • Finding plan expenses
  • Exploring TPA benefits

Common situations we help plan participants with

  • How to enroll
  • Account access
  • Investment guidance
  • Roth vs. pre-tax choices
  • Asset rollovers
  • Finding plan expenses


The EMBREE team developed a very positive relationship with our employee groups. They communicate clearly so everyone understands and they provide invaluable guidance to our employees — some of whom are new to making investments. EMBREE delivers in a big way.”

– Current client, Michele Kenny, HR Director, Keyes Packaging

Common questions from plan sponsors

Can you help us locate a copy of the meeting minutes requested by our auditor?

We know how critical meeting minutes are to good plan governance. That’s why we maintain them for clients. They outline the process by which the plan is managed, and they document investment decisions made for the 401(k) plan.

How often should our investment committee meet to discuss our 401(k) Plan?

The committee should meet annually at a minimum. Meeting quarterly tends to be best practice for larger plans, and our team can help you determine the ideal frequency based on your size and objectives.

We’d like to see an increase in our plan participation rate. How can you help?

EMBREE FINANCIAL offers several employee education solutions. They include everything from pre-recorded webinars, market commentary pieces, and virtual or in-person meetings to one-on-ones.

How important is an Investment Policy Statement?

We believe it’s so important that every one of our plans has one. It is important to have criteria by which investments are selected and monitored to ensure they are prudent.

Common questions from plan participants

How can I find out my plan’s expenses?

You can request a copy of the plan’s 404(a)5 from the Recordkeeper.

When am I eligible to contribute to my 401(k) Plan?

Every plan is different, but we can help you determine your entry date and eligibility to contribute. Recordkeepers and TPAs provide us with each plan’s eligibility requirements, and we can also request a copy of the Plan Document or Summary Plan Description.

How do I rollover assets from my prior employer?

Your first step is to contact the Recordkeeper for your prior employer’s plan. You’ll typically have to complete a distribution request form. Your second step is to contact the Recordkeeper for your current employer’s plan and then complete an incoming rollover form. When you receive the distribution check, submit it and the incoming rollover form to the new Recordkeeper.

Am I saving enough for retirement?

EMBREE’s team of certified advisors would be glad to help you best answer this question by reviewing your unique goals and situation. They can advise you on your current investment strategy and savings rate as well as provide guidance on outside savings.

Accessible expertise for you and your employees.

Kathryn Pride has been working with 401(k) plan sponsors and participants for more than 10 years. She can help with everything from setting up a plan, reviewing your current plan and fees, or helping increase your participation rate.